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In Build: Excel Sport-Jet II Aircraft

Discussion in 'Sport Jet, Ltd.' started by Jet News, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Jet News

    Jet News JF News Editor Staff Member

    Jun 6, 2012
    Excel Sport-Jet II Aircraft Taking Shape

    With the fuselage almost complete and the wing components arriving within a few weeks, the Sport-Jet II is coming together as expected. The new aircraft will now have its wings and horizontal tail constructed out of aluminum providing a simpler build process for the kit builder. The wing is constructed using a CNC milled spar and hydro formed ribs giving the wing extremely tight tolerances from root to tip.

    The composite tail section will be arriving within a few weeks as well and will keep the Sport-Jet II on track for completion this summer. Taxi tests and first flights will follow soon thereafter. "We fully expect to fly the new aircraft currently being assembled before the end of this calendar year," said Bornhofen, president of Excel-Jet, Ltd.

    Excel-Jet is continuing to receive essential components as it continues work to assemble its new Sport-Jet II aircraft. Excel-Jet's new model, like the original Sport-Jet, is a 4 seat, single-engine aircraft aimed at the general aviation pilot, designed for single-person operation by a pilot trained in piston-powered airplanes. This aircraft is based on the original Sport-Jet design and provides some marked improvements over the first model.

    The Sport-Jet II will boast a larger cabin giving it greater cabin width and additional head room. A new power plant has been chosen that will give the aircraft some additional thrust, but more importantly a power plant that is serviceable worldwide and less expensive to acquire. The Sport-Jet II’s advanced features and simplified design ease pilot workload. This new model can be completed for as little as $850K and cruises at 380 knots at 25,000 feet. It will carry four people plus cargo over 1,000 nautical miles with IFR reserves.

    For more information:

    Excel-Jet, Ltd.
    590 Highway 105, Suite 279
    Monument, CO 80132


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