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News: ACJ & Philips Sign On Health Monitoring Systems Equipment On ACJs

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  1. ACJ & Philips Sign On Health Monitoring Systems Equipment On ACJs
    As part of its continuous customer care approach and the excellent connectivity on-board the ACJ aircraft, this new agreement will enable instant access to uniquely comprehensive in-air medical care supported by the latest technology for ACJ clientele. "We are pleased to partner with Philips in offering our customers state of the art inflight medical care. This is an enhancement of our customer services portfolio that our ACJ customers will benefit from," said Benoit Defforge, ACJ President.
  2. With the ability to provide precise health related information to doctors on the ground and receive real-time advice from the ground it potentially can allow better decisions to be made. Better decisions in terms of diverting for a medical emergency or not. "When it comes to in-flight emergency preparedness and safeguarding the care of air travellers, remote access to data and ground based medical support is becoming increasingly important", said Ryan Landon, General Manager for Emergency Care at Philips. "With connected monitoring like Philips Tempus IC2 patient monitor and HeartStart FRx, flight and ground crews alike can access the right tools and information to make confident decisions in the air and provide better, more holistic care." Current ACJ customers will have the opportunity to select from one of three packages providing different levels of support depending on their needs, while clients purchasing new aircraft will automatically receive the full comprehensive package for a 3-year period.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.