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News: Aerion Chooses GE To Power Its Supersonic AS2 Jet

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  1. GE Chosen To Power Aerion AS2
    General Electric (GE) has been chosen by Aerion to power the AS2 supersonic business jet that is currently in the development stage. The aircraft program has been in the infancy stages with alot of evaluations and predictions being made but now that an engine partner has been made it marks a much more solid path forward for the Aerion AS2 project. Supersonic flight commercially or for executive travel has been elusive since the days of the Concorde ended.
  2. General Electric and Aerion have agreed to utilize an available engine type or types and make the necessary adaptations to it to successfully attain the performance parameters. This way it would save not only development time but also money. “We have thoroughly evaluated over two dozen civil and military engines from all leading engine producers over the past two years and believe that working with GE Aviation will help us meet the challenging specifications needed to meet our performance objectives, as well as the high expectations of our customers,” said Doug Nichols, CEO, Aerion. Hopefully Aerion will have the AS2 much more viable in 2018 pending the results from engine studies.

    For more information:

    Aerion Corporation
    5190 Neil Road, Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

Thread Status:
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