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News: Aerion Liquidation To Wrap-Up By Year-End

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  1. Aerion Liquidation Process Targets Year End
    Anyone who has been following the demise of Supersonic manufacturer contender Aerion Supersonic may still be surprised by how quickly the company folded earlier this year. The extremely expensive nature of developing and seeing a supersonic program through certification and into service has widely kept other companies from achieving anything meaningful beyond the concept stages. The most recent announcement from a startup called Leap Aerospace intends to produce a supersonic aircraft aimed at a multiplicity of applications and not solely executive or passenger travel. Aerion appears to have just ran out of money and now all of those contracts and collaborations in which they signed with big-names in the aerospace and aviation industry may have come back to haunt them.
  2. For example, court documents suggests that there are nearly 100 million in outstanding claims from many of these companies. Spirit Aerosystems is owed around 4.9 million while Boeing has about 3.5 million. The largest chunk of this will have come from the work that GE Aviation put in for the GE Affinity Engine that would have powered the AS2 business jet. 32-million of that 100 million figure is said to be related to the development of the Affinity engine. Development Specialists Inc. (DSI) has been retained to see the winding-down of operations at Aerion through the liquidation process. This is going to be an interesting period as Aerion was still in developmental phase for the AS2 jet; they had not even built the manufacturing plant in Melbourne, Florida yet. The website of the company also now ceases to function. JF will follow this story and see when the finalization of the process is completed.

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    Aerion Supersonic
    5190 Neil Rd., Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.