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News: Aerion Moves To Next Phase Of AS2 Development

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  1. AS2 Takes Another Step Closer To Reality
    At JF (Jet Forums) we closely follow the developments in our industry with a keen eye. The supersonic race has been heating up yet the pace to which current contenders have been moving ahead might seem a bit slow. The AS2 project from Aerion once again is moving in the right direction towards reality. Many times these types of projects only remain in the concept stage. Aerion is now moving towards creating a production facility in Melbourne, Florida.
  2. A $300 million facility at the Florida Melbourne International Airport (MLB) will be the central hub of production for the AS2 and that site is expected to start construction later this year. What also has moved ahead is the firming of the final design for the AS2. The final design appears to have changed a bit from the earlier concept renders. One of the major changes we see is the adoption of a delta-type wing. The nacelle design has also changed. There is no T-Tail anymore either and the overall length is the aircraft has been shortened with refinements to the shape of the fuselage. Below is a previous incarnation of the AS2 design for comparison.

    For more information:

    Aerion Supersonic
    5190 Neil Rd., Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

Thread Status:
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