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News: Aerion Starts Wind Tunnel Testing On AS2

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  1. Aerion AS2 Commences Wind Tunnel Testing
    More boxes are being ticked-off when it comes to the development of the Aerion AS2 supersonic jet. Aerion is now gearing up for high-speed wind-tunnel testing of the AS2 to be able to complete the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) by 2021. Inside the wind tunnel they will be testing the AS2 to evaluate high-speed performance, loads, stability, and control at both transonic and supersonic speeds. This data then will be integral for the PDR.
  2. The Mach 1.4 jet isn't due to hit the market until later this decade with first flight carded at this stage by 2025. The wind tunnel tests will subject the model to three times the speed of sound. Once Aerion has reach PDR then the schedule should take the program into production by 2023. Bare in mind, Aerion announced that they will be building a manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Florida. Keep this in mind to keep the timeline in check. Wind tunnel testing started this month and is being carried out at French Office of National Aerospace Research, Onera, France.

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Thread Status:
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