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News: Boeing Air Taxi Prototype Lifts Off

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  1. Flight Test For Boeing Air Taxi Prototype
    Earlier this week Boeing successfully flight tested their Air Taxi prototype even if for a few seconds. The electric personal airplane/air taxi race is surely on the move and Boeing's closest competitor Airbus is also working on their version of it called the Vahana. A year ago Airbus proved initial flight of the Vahana Air Taxi prototype by getting it off the ground and hovering approximately 16-feet. However, Boeing can be proud of their first flight achievement thus far.
  2. Boeing acquired Aurora Flight Sciences back in 2017 as a strategic move to be able to quickly advance in this electric air taxi endeavour. "This is what revolution looks like," said John Langford, Aurora’s president and CEO. He said the key to the technology will be autonomy — the aircraft is intended to fly itself, using sensors and artificial-intelligence software to avoid obstacles and other flying vehicles as it delivers passengers. Langford said Boeing’s technology will "make quiet, clean and safe urban air mobility possible." The technology is advancing surely but it will be the regulatory framework that will perhaps create hassle to the rapid development of this. Remember this is a revolution in urban air travel.

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