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News: Boeing eVTOL PAV Woes Before Pair Airshow Debut

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  1. Boeing eVTOL PAV Woes Before Paris Airshow Debut
    Boeing is going ahead with the display of their electric Vertical Take Off Landing (eVTOL) Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV) at the 2019 edition of the Paris Airshow in Le Bourget, France next week. Boeing's subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences was bought by Boeing in 2017 and were the originators of the type of craft Boeing will be displaying. After a first successful flight by a prototype on January 22nd, 2019 and several others since then, the eVTOL crashed landed during a fifth test flight on 4th of June. No one was onboard the prototype when the incident happened.
  2. Aurora Flight Sciences told several outlets of the crash at the just concluded 2019 Uber Elevate Summit in Washington DC. The eVTOL will be available in two variants, one to carry passengers in a air taxi role and the other as a cargo carrier. It will be just about 30-feet long and have a wingspan of 28-feet being able to fly for approximately 43 nautical miles. The aircraft is being developed as part of an initiative to spur Short Urban Air Taxi Travel while depending less on fossil fuels to do so.

    For more information:

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