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News: Bombardier Axes Learjet Program

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  1. Learjet Program To Be Cut From Bombardier Production
    As Bombardier continues its efforts to become as lean as possible by only and solely focusing on executive jet manufacture, the once multi-faceted Canadian aerospace giant has made another big decision. In the face of more staff and worker layoffs the company expects to axe the Learjet Program by the end of 2021. The airframer said the move is absolutely necessary for the company to rebuild itself and that Covid-19 only served to accelerate the demise of the Learjet program.
  2. Bombardier tried numerous refreshes to spur interest and life into the Learjet family with the latest being the Learjet 75 Liberty. Learjet was named after its inventor William Lear who developed the aircraft in its infancy and was inspired by some of the military aircraft of the time. Bombardier then took over the company in 1990. Overall you can number over 3,000 Learjets sold. The demise of the Learjet is because of a number of factors that contributed to slow sales. In 2020 the company only delivered 11 aircraft of this model line. While it might have been fine when competition was not as stiff, the cabins on Learjets are not the largest and with larger cabins on offer by competing airframers in the same or similar market segments, customers were lured elsewhere. The Learjet made up a very small section of the 114 bizjets delivered to customers in 2020. By the end of 2021 the Learjet in all its forms will be no more in terms of new production.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.