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News: Cessna Citation Marks 50 Years of Certification

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  1. Citation 500 Type Certification Marks 50 Years
    September marks the 50th year that the Citation 500 line of jets has been in operation since being granted FAA certification. On September 9th In 1971 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted certification for the Citation 500. Deliveries started in 1972 with one going to American Airlines for flight training purposes. Deliveries continued through to 1985 and by then 691 units were shipped. Of course direct descendants of the Citation 500 exist today with the 560XL better known as the Citation XLS+.
  2. Many other models were spawned from this basic design for Cessna's light to super-midsize segments. Think the entry-level Citation M2 and stepping-up to the CJ3+, CJ4 Gen 2 models as well as the Latitude, and Longitude models. These all have lineage to the Citation 500. If you count all of the Citations delivered they will number over 7,800 exceeding 40 million flight hours of operational time and spans operations all over the globe.

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Thread Status:
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