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News: Cessna CJ3; CJ3+ Fly Further With New Certified Winglets

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  1. Tamarack ATLAS Active Winglets Approved For Cessna Citation 525B Series

    Cessna's Citation CJ3 and CJ3+ are now greenlighted to be able to carry Tamarack Aerospace's ATLAS Active Winglets. The winglets recently gained certification and once retrofitted will go a long way to extending the range of your CJ3 or CJ3+. Besides performance, the new winglets add further to the aesthetic appeal of these aircraft. With FAA and EASA having Supplemental Type Certification for the ATLAS Active winglets for the Citation 525B Series, the aforementioned aircraft can have their wingtips upgraded.
  2. "With ATLAS you can climb faster, fly farther and burn less fuel," said Tamarack’s founder and CEO, Nick Guida. "We flew our Active Winglet CJ3 from Paris, Texas to Paris, France last year in one stop." The carbon fiber winglet modification will set you back $289,000 on the CJ3 and CJ3+ about $319,000. Tamarack Aerospace suggest that the winglets will allow for a range up to 2,100 nautical miles at maximum continuous thrust with IFR reserves. Be sure to check with Cessna and or Tamarack Aerospace for your authorized service centers.

    For more information:

    Cessna Aircraft Company
    1 Cessna Blvd.
    Wichita, KS 67215

Thread Status:
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