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News: Cirrus Details Final Phase Of Testing Toward Certification of SF50 VLJ

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  1. Cirrus SF50 VLJ Enters Final Testing Phases Towards Certification
    It has been a long time that Cirrus Aircraft have been working on the SF50 VLJ -just under ten years-. Interestingly, in those ten years and even before many manufacturers have tried to bring a single-engine very light jet or a light jet to market and failed to this point. Think Diamond, Piper and even Eclipse. The Cirrus SF50 VLJ is closer to year-end certification now than it ever was and the finish line is actually in sight. The latest achievement is the Type Inspection Authorization (TIA). TIA initiates formal FAA flight evaluation of the Vision SF50 type design, airworthiness, performance and handling properties. This TIA allows Cirrus to move forward with FAA Conformity Inspections and Certification Flight Tests with an FAA pilot on board the aircraft, one of the final elements needed for Type Certification.
  2. “Cirrus Aircraft’s goal of transforming personal travel and regional transportation is close at hand as the Vision SF50 enters the TIA phase of certification,” said Pat Waddick, President of Innovation and Operations at Cirrus Aircraft. “This milestone highlights the maturity of our SF50 program and the FAA’s confidence in our ability to cross the finish line. It also speaks to the remarkably talented team at Cirrus that has devoted countless hours over many years to reach this milestone.” Three conforming Vision SF50 prototypes are working to demonstrate Type Certification compliance to requirements, already completing a wide range of company tests including the recent flyover noise levels. Recent successful completion of ultimate load drop testing for the signature Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) paves the way for aircraft in-flight deployment testing this fall. Wing and stabilizer cyclic lifespan and stress testing are currently underway, updates to an advanced new avionics system, plus interiors and paint schemes are also being finalized. With the first Vision SF50 units entering the production line, Cirrus’ goal is to achieve Type Certification by the end of 2015 and begin customer deliveries shortly thereafter.

    For more information:

    Cirrus Design Corporation
    4515 Taylor Circle
    Duluth, MN 55811

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.