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News: Clay Lacy Signs Agreement With Eviation

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  1. Eviation and Clay Lacy Sign Agreement
    Clay Lacy in recent times has been moving towards reducing its carbon footprint. At its Van Nuys operation in California the company installed a plethora of solar panels, changed all lighting to LED, installed EV charging stations for electric vehicles and now it is going a step further. In the near future the company is looking to have a few all-electric planes from Eviation Aircraft. They signed an agreement to help build out the necessary infrastructure. This partnership makes it one of the first service providers to declare its intention on installing the required equipment for support of the operation of electric aircraft. There was no mention of actual orders of aircraft yet.
  2. President and CEO Brian Kirkdoffer said they were among the industry's first to aggressively tackle the sustainability of its operations in terms of carbon reduction. "One of those firsts was introducing the first carbon offset program and a robust sustainability strategy in the aircraft management industry," he noted. "We are proud to take that giant step further with charging the zero-emission Alice at our FBOs." Clay Lacy is committed on providing the required infrastructure for the operation of the Eviation Alice all-electric aircraft at its facilities.

    For more information:

    Clay Lacy
    Van Nuys Airport
    7435 Valjean Avenue
    Van Nuys, CA 91406

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.