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News: Dassault Falcon 6X PW812D To Start Testing Shortly

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  1. PW812D For Dassault Falcon 6X To Start Testing Shortly
    The powerplant that will power French airframer Dassault Falcon's 6X, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D is expected to start field testing very soon. The engine will be mounted to a Boeing 747 test-bed to be put through its paces -initially- before the year terminates. The Boeing 747-SP is Pratt & Whitney Canada's own test-bed used to evaluate the performance of their powerplants.
  2. No definitive date has been given for the start of the airborne testing of this powerplant but hints are being made for just before or just after this year's NBAA-Exhibition show in Las Vegas. Once the first flight happens this will essentially kick off the certification program for the PW812D. The company is targeting between 13 and 14,000 lbs of thrust as maximum from this powerplant. With 1,200 hours of ground testing and pre-flight testing already accumulated Dassault is confident the powerplant will deliver for their Falcon 6X and be certificated ahead of the certification and EIS for the 6X in 2022. High-risk testing is mostly completed too which involves hail/ice and bird intake into the operating powerplants.

    For more information:

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
    Teterboro Airport
    200 Riser Road
    Little Ferry, NJ 07643

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