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News: Dassault Falcon 8X On Track For Delivery Late 2016

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  1. Late 2016 Delivery For The Dassault Falcon 8X
    Dassault Falcon is moving apace with certification work concerning their new Falcon 8X. The company has said that the majority of the certification process is completed and the three flight test jets in the campaign have so far concluded approximately 550 hours of testing. The announcement has been made just ahead of India Aviation, India’s largest civil aviation exhibition which is set to start tomorrow –March 16-.
  2. The first jet with a fully fitted interior is due to undergo further testing to ensure the aircraft model will provide a flawless interior experience to its clients. This spring, s/n 03, -the first 8X with a fully fitted interior- is expected to undergo a global test campaign to demonstrate aircraft operational reliability and performance in different flight conditions. The month-long campaign will subject the aircraft to the extremes of what Falcon 8X customers might expect to face during its operational life and focus particular attention on the performance of cabin equipment and functionalities and other high speed communications systems, especially during long intercontinental flights.
  3. The Falcon 8X is due to be certified in mid-2016 with deliveries to clients coming on to the end of the year. The 6,450 nm/11,945 km Falcon 8X, which will feature the quietest and most comfortable cabin in business aviation, is due to be delivered to its first Indian operator by the end of 2016. The majority of new Indian Falcon orders, however, are for longer range models like the Falcon 7X and the new ultra long range Falcon 8X that can fly non-stop from anywhere in India to destinations such as London City Airport that are typically off limits to big business jets.

    For more information:

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
    Teterboro Airport
    200 Riser Road
    Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Thread Status:
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