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News: Diamond Aircraft Unveils eDA40

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  1. eDA40 Unveiled By Diamond Aircraft
    Diamond Aircraft is looking to get in on the electric aircraft market. They announced that they will be offering the eDA40. Yes, that is an all-electric trainer from Diamond Aircraft. The company suggests that it has been researching electric and hybrid platforms since 2011 with aircraft such as the DA36 eStar and eStar 2 which were hybrid platforms. They also had a project called 'HEMEP' which was the world’s first hybrid-electric multi engine with lower fuel consumption (higher efficiency) and decreased noise pollution. Therefore the unveiling of the eDA40 should not be a surprise.
  2. "The eDA40 will be the first EASA/FAA Part 23 certified electric airplane with DC fast charging and specifically tailored to the flight training market," says Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria. "Making flying as eco-friendly as possible has always been at the core of Diamond Aircraft with our fuel-efficient jet fuel powered aircraft producing less CO2 and noise emissions compared to conventional piston aircraft engines. Therefore, we are more than proud to underline this commitment with the all-electric eDA40, a sustainable solution for the General Aviation of tomorrow." Diamond Aircraft has decided to partner with the innovative battery technology company, Electric Power Systems, integrating the EPiC Ecosystem into the eDA40, a derivative of the existing and certified DA40 platform. The Electric Power Systems’ Battery Module will be equipped with a DC fast charging system, capable of turning around a depleted aircraft in under 20 minutes. Batteries will be installed in a custom designed belly pod and between the engine and the forward bulkhead.

    For more information:

    Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
    N. A. Otto-Strasse 5
    2700 Wiener Neustadt

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.