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News: Eclipse Aero To Make A Comeback?

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  1. Eclipse Aero Rising...Again?
    Eclipse Aerospace (EAI) is in the news again not for bankruptcy-related news though. It appears the company is trying to make a comeback. In fact the company is actually operational it seems with 50 employees back at work, all of them former Eclipse Aero staff. British entrepreneur Christopher Harborne is perhaps responsible for allowing the company to be where it is currently. He purchased the brand from the umbrella company One Aviation-which was the last major reinvention of the Eclipse saga-. Mr. Harborne is said to have spent over 6 million dollars in production equipment; MRO facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Aurora, Illinois. Additionally since 2006 there have been over 280 aircraft delivered which naturally are in need of maintenance support.
  2. Eclipse Aerospace has long experienced issues staying afloat. The original company which was called Eclipse Aviation went into liquidation then returned in 2014/15 as One Aviation as a result of a merger between Eclipse and Kestrel. One Aviation then themselves went into liquidation in early 2021. Under the new guidance of interim CEO Mike Press and backing from Christopher Harborne, Eclipse is looking to take to the sky once again.

    For more information:

    Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.
    3520 Spirit Dr. SE Albuquerque,
    NM 87106

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.