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News: First ACJ319neo Takes First Flight

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  1. First Flight For First ACJ319neo
    After the fanfare of the delivery of the first ACJ320neo which will eventually go to Acropolis Aviation when it finishes its VVIP fit-out, the first ACJ319neo has taken to the skies. The ACJ319neo is the next in line to be delivered from the Airbus Corporate Jet side of the NEO lineup. The new ACJ319neo has been built for K5 Aviation and is expected to run a relatively short flight testing period before delivery. It will then head to Fokker Techniek in the Netherlands to have its VVIP interior fitted.
  2. K5 Aviation’s ACJ319neo is fitted with five additional center tanks (ACTs) in its cargo-hold that allows for intercontinental range, and includes improvements such as a lower cabin-altitude for greater passenger comfort. The ACJ319neo is derived from the A320neo Family of airliners, and features new engines and wingtip-mounted Sharklets. The first flight lasted approximately an hour and 55 minutes. Below is a photo of K5 Aviation's current ACJ319 which is expected to be replaced by the above NEO specimen.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.