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News: First Pilatus PC-24 Delivered To South America

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  1. South America's First PC-24 Delivered
    Piliatus Aircraft is quickly expanding the reach of the jurisdictions that its PC-24 fleet operates. The first Pilatus PC-24 to be delivered to South America has been shipped there. The owner of the Super Versatile Jet, Ignacio del Rio is from Chile and already owns and operates another Pilatus product, the PC-12NG. The PC-24 will join his PC-12NG in their base in Santiago. The owner operates agriculture and real estate businesses that stretch between Colombia, Peru and Chile. The new PC-24 will be able to cover the distances between Colombia and other southern states in less time as it is a way more practical tool in this regard. It also can use the same relatively short runways that he uses with the PC-12NG.
  2. Thomas Bosshard, President and CEO of Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd added: "We are very pleased that Ignacio is staying within the Pilatus family with both his PC-12 NG and now his new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet. All of us at Pilatus are grateful for his trust in us to help him grow his business and transport his family." This PC-24 was the 40th unit delivered to a customer since the Swiss jet was certified back in 2017.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland

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