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News: Gulfstream Awarded 700M Air Force Support Contracts

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  1. Gulfstream Awarded 700 million In Air Force Support Contracts
    Various branches of the United States armed forces utilize special mission derivatives of Gulfstream large cabin jets. The G550 (C-37B), GIV (C-20G) and GV (C-37A) are all used of course have different designations under their operations but this leaves those jets to need support from the OEM, in this case Gulfstream. To this end, Gulfstream was awarded nearly 700 million dollars (696 million) in support contracts. $612 million is earmarked for engineering services contract (ESC) and is a 10-year renewal of a previous ESC. The remainder $84 million is for contractor logistics support (CLS). This exercise is the contract of the fourth-year option of an existing CLS contract.
  2. Gulfstream has been for a long time a multi-faceted company that spreads its expertise throughout different applications with its aircraft. Special missions is just one of those areas but the support for all areas of applications for which their jets are used is of utmost importance. "Gulfstream is grateful for the continued confidence the U.S. government has in our program," said Gulfstream senior v-p of government programs and sales Leda Chong. "What started as an engineering services contract for nine C-20 U.S. Air Force aircraft 20 years ago has evolved into a support contract for a 23-aircraft fleet."

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.