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News: Gulfstream G600 Narrows On Certification

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  1. Certification Closer For Gulfstream G600
    General Dynamics company Gulfstream is presently at the 2019 ABACE and news is that they are even closer to certification for their G600. The G600 and its sibling the G500 are at the ABACE show. The G500 has been in service since September 2018 after being certificated in July the same year. They (Gulfstream) also have a number of other models at the show including the Super Midsize G280, the long range G550 and ultra long range G650ER.
  2. Gulfstream will be looking to take the G600 further afield immediately once FAA certification is secured. They have already made it known that they will be going after Chinese certification for the 6,500 nautical executive jet. Right now Gulfstream is wrapping up flight-into-known-icing tests with the G600 as well as function-and-reliability testing. FAA Certification is pegged for later this year with deliveries to follow. The Flight Test program has accumulated nearly 3,000 flight hours as of last month.

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