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News: Gulfstream Sells Last G150 Ending 10 Year Production

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  1. Gulfstream Sells Last G150 Finishing 10-Year Production
    General Dynamics company Gulfstream announces that it has sold its last Gulfstream G150 effectively ending a ten-year production run of the venerable midsize business jet. The jet was sold and is expected to be delivered to the customer in the middle of 2017. For G150 owners have no fear, Gulfstream will still be supplying parts and service for the type even though production is ending. Gulfstream’s fleet of nearly 120 G150s comprises operators in the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. The G150 has a dispatch reliability rate of 99.83 percent and is certified in more than 45 countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Israel and Switzerland.
  2. “The G150 has had a distinguished history, spanning more than a decade,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream, “and it remains an important part of our business. Our product support organization will continue to provide industry-leading support to our G150 owners and ensure there are enough parts, tooling, sustaining engineering and personnel available to support the worldwide G150 fleet. Our Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST) will still use two G150 aircraft to transport parts and technicians to our operators in the Americas and the Caribbean.”

    For more information:

    Gulfstream Aerospace
    500 Gulfstream Road
    Savannah, GA 31407

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