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News: Gulfstream Starts Certification Testing With G500

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  1. Gulfstream Starts Certification Testing With G500
    Gulfstream has been studiously working on testing of the new G500 model but now they have to complete actual certification testing which will include tests that are required by certification agencies like the FAA to ensure they can get the model ready for service entry. Basically all the flying the G500 models have been doing so far was development testing and five FTVs have been utilized. They did around 600 flights combining for an approximate 2,600 hours.
  2. “Development testing is complete; company testing is well under way, and FAA certification has started, putting us right on track for certification and customer deliveries later this year,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “The maturity, discipline and rigor of our program give us great confidence as we look forward to our first delivery.” One of the five test bed aircraft is outfitted with a full production interior. Gulfstream designed the G500 interior after extensive customer feedback, and that collaboration continues. Recently, members of Gulfstream’s Advanced Technology Customer Advisory Team (ATCAT) spent an hour flying in the fully outfitted production aircraft, which serves as the test bed for the cabin.

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