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News: Italian Fire Brigade Orders P.180 Avanti EVO

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  1. P.180 Avanti EVO Ordered By Italian Fire Brigade
    The Italian National Fire Brigade has made an order to Piaggio Aerospace for a single P.180 Avanti EVO. The Italian National Fire Brigade is expected to receive the aircraft by Summer 2021. The sale was actually announced back in late October by the Extraordinary Commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace, Vincenzo Nicastro, during a Virtual meeting. The aircraft will be built tailored to the needs of the Italian National Fire Brigade. It is expected to be used for personnel transport for as many as eight passengers. Search and Rescue (SAR) missions will naturally be carried out and the aircraft will carry one stretcher. A Flight Management System (FMS) capable of SAR Mode will be installed The P.180 will be delivered with a passenger door larger than the standard one, so that the assigned activities will be performed more easily. As part of the 9 million Euro order, scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance both on the new, as well as on a second airplane of the Fire Brigade fleet, for two years following the delivery.
  2. "With this order, which is added to the 14 obtained since the beginning of the Extraordinary Administration, Piaggio Aerospace confirms to have in its portfolio a product, the P.180 Avanti EVO, which in its most recent configuration well fits the operating needs of those working daily to guarantee the safety of the citizens", Nicastro commented from his side. "The renovated trust placed in us by the Fire Brigade takes on at this time a particular significance, as the company in its entirety is now close to the award to a new owner and the opening of a new chapter in its history". The aircraft will actually be replacing an older model of the P.180.

    For more information:

    Piaggio Aero
    Viale Generale Disegna, 1
    17038 Villanova d’Albenga
    (Savona, Italy)

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