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News: Joby eVTOL To Outfit With Garmin G3000 Flight Deck

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  1. Joby eVTOL To Outfit With Garmin G3000 Flight Deck
    Joby Aviation has been in the news alot recently and the latest foray is because today they partnered with Garmin to provide the G3000 flight deck for the Joby eVTOL. The G3000 suite is not new but it is in service on the flight deck of several executive jets today. For example the G3000 can be found on the Daher TBM 930/940, the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, the Piper M600 and some smaller Citation jets like the Citation M2. It is fitted on the HondaJet too along with the Phenom 300 by Embraer. This flight deck will be a sophisticated outfit for the new Joby eVTOL which is expected to hit the market by 2024.
  2. Talking about the agreement, the founder and CEO, JoeBen Bevirt, said: "Garmin has a remarkable track record of developing innovative and reliable products and we’re proud to have their advanced technology onboard." The flight deck boasts light weight and vibrant high-resolution flight displays that support navigation and communication, integrating seamlessly with our other aircraft systems. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of each aircraft, it delivers enhanced capabilities to optimize an air mobility service through integration with the vehicle mission computer and tailoring of flight guidance display indications. It will also facilitate future system upgrades as our industry evolves. Amongst many impressive features, the G3000 contains state-of-the-art synthetic vision technology that blends an out-the-window view of surroundings on the primary flight display, enhancing situational awareness for pilots.

    For more information:

    Joby Aviation
    340 Woodpecker Ridge,
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060,
    United States

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.