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News: Lufthansa Technik 'EXPLORER' Concept Finalized

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  1. Lufthansa Technik 'EXPLORER' Concept Finalized
    JF wrote an article a few months ago when Lufthansa Technik used the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) to unveil -what they termed- as the EXPLORER concept. .This was a design for an Airbus ACJ330 which would be unlike anything we have seen before; utilizing that platform. Not many concepts have been developed for the A330 platform and Lufthansa Technik saw the opportunity to bring a new look and design using this jet's platform. What they presented at the MYS back in September was not the final version. In fact the final version is to be unveiled at the Dubai Air Show which coincidentally is starting on the 14th of November and will run through to the 18th.
  2. We now have a glimpse via some new renderings of what this finalized concept will look like when they showcase it at the forthcoming Dubai Air Show. Lufthansa Technik thinks that there are two kinds of categories of individuals this plane will appeal to. The first category will be private individuals who naturally would be bent on keeping it for their private utilization or even charter it out on select charters. However, the second category of person would be investors offering specialized luxury round-the-world trips. We have seen how this concept has been forming with Crystal Skye Boeing 777-200LR.
  3. In the tease Lufthansa Technik revealed at MYS a few months ago, it suggested that the cabin would have the capability to become a presentation surface thanks to projectors that can feed live or file imagery. This would allow the cabin to have an immersive feel. To make this a possibility, German firm Diehl would have approximately 20-30 inbuilt projectors all orchestrated to produce this level of imagery. In the example shown in the rendering below, the cabin has been bathed in an underwater world scene. The cabin will also be able to accommodate 12 guests.
  4. One of the next features surely has its inspiration taken from the superyacht world. There will be a cargo door on the upper part of the fuselage much like how it may be installed on a freighter but what this will facilitate has nothing to do with cargo. In fact, a retractable balcony jettisons from the floor making a very spacious patio/gallery. Of course this can only be utilized when on the apron but it is a unique enough feature. We will monitor and see if Lufthansa Technik unveils anything else about the aircraft at the upcoming show. They are keen to suggest that the concept is now ready for orders. Realistically if someone were to order this to make it their private jet work would commence towards the end of 2022 or even early 2023. An aircraft would need to be found for conversion.

    For more information:

    Lufthansa Technik AG
    Hamburg, Germany

Thread Status:
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