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News: STC For Elliott Aviation's Window E-Tinting; Lighting System

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  1. Green Light Given For E-Window Shades; Lighting System Of Elliott Aviation
    Executive jets can now be further 'pimped-out' on the interior thanks to the latest STC given to after-market specialist Elliott Aviation for their dimmable window shades and LED interior lighting. The lighting system is called PRIZM and the E-shades are called SMART VISION SYSTEM. "Aircraft repair stations and refurbishment centers have been looking for a solution that is both well designed and cost-effective for LED lighting and electronically dimmable shades," said Mark Wilken, Elliott’s vice president of avionics programs and operational logistics. "They’re easy to use, easy to install, and will be available at a price point that is affordable to the end-user."
  2. Below we see an example of what can be done regarding the cabin lighting. The application in the cabin is fairly extensive and is available to down and upwash lighting, accents, galley, lavatory and detailed lighting. The SMART VISION SYSTEM implements an inner pane on the window and has five different colours of electronically dimmable film. These aforementioned systems can be controlled through existing methods or through an app. A Citation Excel was used to do the STC installation as seen below.

    For more information:

    Elliott Aviation
    6601 74th Ave. Milan, IL 61264

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