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News: Sun Flyer 2 Makes First Flight

  1. Sun Flyer 2 Takes To The Sky
    Towards the end of March alerted you of plans for the upcoming first flight of the all-electric Sun Flyer 2 by BYE Aerospace. Since then the electric aircraft has made its initial test flight. The aircraft had registration N502SF. The first flight was initiated on April 10th and took off from Centennial Airport outside Denver. The first flight did not commit to any extreme maneuvers as most first flights. "As with most first flights, we’re not trying to test any limits at this stage, said founder and CEO of Bye Aerospace, George Bye.
  2. As the weeks go by, more rigorous testing will ensue and a final candidate for the electric motor for the final production models. At this stage, the energy storage system has been selected. They are using the LG Chem MJ1 lithium-ion battery cells which are offering 260 Wh/kg of energy density. With this setup, the battery is promising a 3.5-hour flight endurance. According to Mr. Bye, the first flight was successful and met or exceeded all parameters for initial testing.

    For more information:

    Bye Aerospace
    7395 S. Peoria Street Suite 206 (BoxC3)
    Englewood, CO. 80112


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