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News: Textron Lets Go Of Hemisphere Program

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  1. Citation Hemisphere Program Dead
    It seemed that there was a glimmer of hope for the Cessna Citation Hemisphere program. However, the increased issues pertaining to the Safran Silvercrest engines that were meant to power the new large cabin jet just would not allow the program to move forward. Problems primarily with the high-pressure compressor (HPC) could not be sorted out. Safran suggests that recent tests were more-than-satisfactory but more trials were needed to confirm the performance parameters were being met. Safran said, "[they need to] confirm engine improvements and complete overall engine performance and durability validation".
  2. Scott Donnelly, head at Textron Aviation suggested that they were not satisfied. "We determine that the engine has not yet demonstrated the performance required for the aircraft design". As a result of this there is basically no hope for the Hemisphere, at least with Safran's Silvercrest powerplants. This means that Safran has lost the Citation Hemisphere and the French Dassault Falcon 5X (which has now been renamed the 6X and powered by PW800s). Some customers were banking big on this new Hemisphere program, the first foray into the large-cabin executive category for Cessna/Textron. NetJets for example made a huge commitment to purchase 150 examples of the type (announced back in 2018 at the NBAA) to become the launch customer. If all the stars align in the future then there may be a possibility for a restart of this program but for now, Cessna is focused on getting the Longitude to market as well as seeing the Denali and Sky Courier programs through certification.

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Thread Status:
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