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News: Update On Gulfstream G700 Program

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  1. Gulfstream Updates On G700 Program
    Gulfstream has given insight into the progress of the certification program for their new flagship, the G700. It was only in October when Gulfstream unveiled the G700 to the world and since then various test articles of the G700 flight-testing fleet have flown more than 100 flights. Five flight test vehicles are to bring the G700 from testing to conformity for certification and entry into service.
  2. T5 will focus on Level D simulator data as well as avionics, T4 will test flight into known icing, environmental control system as well as mechanical facets. T3 is working on general performance such as climb, field and thrust/reverser engine operation along with loads/PID testing. T2 is focused on cabin development testing as well as static testing while the first article, T1 has been general flight characteristics testing. So far they have opened up the envelope and allowed the G700 to perform at its peak. One of them registered a mach 0.99 speed and climbed to 54,000 feet. Of course the G700 is normally expected to operate at a maximum of Mach 0.925 and flight level 510 (51,000 feet) when it enters service. "These accomplishments at this stage in flight test point to the impressive maturity of the G700 program," said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. "We designed and developed the G700 for our customers to fly safely, securely and efficiently while enjoying the same level of comfort as they do on the ground. With the largest galley in the industry, the utmost in technology, and the finest, freshest cabin environment, the G700 unlocks new opportunities in business-jet travel."

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Thread Status:
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