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Show of Force: Gulfstream Showcases G650 & G280 at EBACE 2012

  1. Gulfstream Aerospace 'G650', 'G280' arrive at 2012 EBACE in Switzerland

    Gulfstream Aerospace surprised the general public at the EBACE in Switzerland in May with their all-new G650 and G280 business jets. The company has been intensively testing the two models but still found the time to send them to the Show in Geneva. The two aircraft made a stunning statement by simply flying non-stop from Dulles International in Washington.

    Furthermore stunning is the fact that the G650 completed the trip in under half the aircraft’s endurance range, some 6 hours and 55 minutes. The smaller Gulfstream, the G280 did the trip in approximately 7 hours and 47 minutes. The two aircraft are remarkable for Gulfstream. The G280 fits nicely in the mid-size market while the G650 is the epitome of ultra long-range luxury business jets.

    Looking at the G280 and the G650, Gulfstream expects these new jets to be certified by the FAA in mid-2012 and have actual customer deliveries shortly after. To this point the G280 has over 750 hours of testing and flew 8 hour durations while the G650 has over 3,000 hours of flying time logging 950-plus flights at the time.

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