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2014 NBAA Jet Aviation Show; Orlando Convention Center

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  1. The latest iteration of the TBM900 spins a Hartzell 5-blade, swept composite propeller that reduces sound levels during takeoff to just 76.4 db, meeting the latest European and US noise standards.
  2. Fans of single-engine turboprop aircraft will soon have another interesting choice in the market; Kestrel Aircraft is awaiting FAA certification. This all-composite eight seater is powered by a 1,700 hp Honeywell TPE331-14GR, enabling the Kestrel to climb at more than 2,250 ft/min to a max altitude of 31,000 feet. With a cruising speed over 320 kt, the prop will turn quietly at just 1,490 rpm. Upwards of 13,000 TPE331 engines have been delivered around the world and offer a generous 5,000 hour TBO.
  3. Chief technologist RJ Siegel and manufacturing engineer Troy Reabe were on-hand to answer questions on Kestrel's offering, which should reach FAA certification in 2015.
  4. Changing altitude and stepping way up the luxury ladder, Airbus was present with the only product that would fit inside the convention center, a model of the ACJ320 family of corporate jets. Marketing analyst Michael Chassot is flanked by Airbus Head of Sales Operations; Chistine Fisher on his left.
  5. A close up on the Airbus model shows its wide body accommodations...
  6. Celebrating 75 years in aviation, Pilatus is widely known for their turboprop aircraft, specifically the PC-12, of which some 1200 are in worldwide operation, but something much faster is waiting in the wings; the Pilatus PC24 private jet! Dubbed the SVJ, for Super Versatile Jet, Pilatus has engineered a jet for short take-offs (under 2700') and even grass field operation! The PC-24 was rolled out in September 2014 and is scheduled for a 2015 maiden flight with FAA certification and deliveries to follow in 2017.
  7. Marketing coordinator Amber Holmes (pictured left), along with Lisa Peatrowsky and Bettina Jacobson took time out from a busy booth to show why Switzerland is smiling.
  8. Tom turned his attention to Rockwell Collins and a group shot that includes not just beauty, but some of the brains behind Rockwell's avionics engineering. Rockwell public relations rep Josh Baynes and trade show assistant Megan Tigue rounded-up Kirschen Seah, Tayyaba Sheikh and Lukas Kendora for a "people-behind-the-products" picture.
  9. A very special shuttle was running around outside the convention center. It's passenger capability was questionable, but it could certainly deliver a VIP in speed and style, which is exactly the point SmartSky was trying to make.
  10. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SmartSky Networks, Stan Eskridge (pictured 2nd from left) has a lot to smile about. He has a service that every business traveler wants: 4G at Mach 1! Not to mention a car that every teenager wants!
  11. A good candidate for SmartSky's 4G system, a BBJ! Boeing Business Jets initially entered the private jet market with a 737, but demand has expanded their offerings into the Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.
  12. On-hand at the BBJ display were Capt. William Mnich, Bing Li, Elizabeth Bieri, Jeff Dunn and Lyn Sorensen...
  13. While she's not a direct relative to Amelia Mary Earhart of 1937 fame, Amelia Rose Earhart was inspired by her namesake. Earhart has been a pilot since 2010 and worked as a newscaster previous to filing a flight plan, along with co-pilot Shane Jordan flying a Pilatus PC-12 on an 18-day, 24,300 nautical mile long journey which took them over Howland Island, the last known position of Amelia Mary Earhart’s infamous flight.
  14. On Jul 11, 2014, Amelia Rose Earhart returned to her flight origin, Oakland International Airport, and “closed the flight plan” of the original Amelia Mary Earhart. In doing so, Amelia Rose Earhart became the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft. The media attention she drew has been used to further her foundation that funds flight scholarships for young women interested in pursuing a career in aviation.
  15. Why is everyone smiling at Global Jet Capitol? Because they have 2 billion in money to soar with while most banks are scared to fly! The company enjoys the backing of three investment firms: GSO Capital Partners, The Carlyle Group and AE Industrial Partners. In addition to money partners, they have a pretty impressive executive committee, all of them with significant experience in business aviation or aircraft financing. Managing Director James Noonan is seen standing on the far left of this picture.
  16. Bombardier Aerospace's show coordinator Danielle Ouellette is joined by Sebastian MacDougall, Bombardier's manager of event marketing with a flock of Globals in-hand...
  17. Bombardier's range topping Global 6000 is positioned to compete with the Gulfstream G650 and Falcon 7X for range superiority. The numerical designation stands for the Global's range, 6,000 nm. Bombardier’s Vision flight deck, powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics, is perhaps the biggest upgrade from the XRS to the 6000.
  18. Piaggio Aerospace was in attendance at the NBAA with their latest pusher, the Avanti EVO. Event manager Chiara Castelnovi (on left) posed for a picture.
  19. Easily the fastest twin turboprop ever made and costing less than a jet of the same size to operate, Piaggio's claims about the the Avanti EVO certainly support the fertile mind of Burt Rutan and his designs.
  20. While on the subject of advanced aeronautical designs, let's take a step back in time and appreciate the mechanical art of the Rolls Royce Merlin crankshaft and polished pistons that originally powered a P-51 Mustang. The ultimate coffee table for V-12 aficionados!
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