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News: 10 Escape Burning Citation CJ3

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  1. Citation CJ3 Crashes; All 10 Escape
    On September 20th, a 2009 Cessna Citation CJ3 caught fire after a gear-related incident upon landing at the Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco, Washington. It is not clear if the gear collapsed on landing or did not deploy for landing. The aircraft was carrying 10 individuals. Textron Aviation suggests that the CJ3 can carry 9 persons in belted positions. That is, two cockpit seats, 6 main cabin seats and a belted lavatory seat if needed. The aircraft involved in the incident was carrying 10 persons and actually landing to pick up another person when the incident occurred. All ten persons escaped the aircraft safely before it was consumed by fire.
  2. Ironically this accident happened the day before an FAA-mandated drill was scheduled at the airport to practice how to respond to an aircraft crash. Fire teams responded immediately to the crash/fire but reportedly had no idea the aircraft had any issues as the pilots allegedly did not communicate this information. The privately-owned jet was carrying surgical technicians and a registered nurse for Chehalis, Washington-based Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute It was one of three jets used by the organization. The registration is believed to be N528DV.

    For more information:

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.