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News: ACJ Teams Up With Cyril Kongo On Special Edition ACJ220 Interior

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  1. ACJ Teams Up With Cyril Kongo On Special Edition ACJ220 Interior
    A new interior concept for the ACJ Two Twenty is available thanks to a collaboration between Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) and well-known urban designer/artist Cyril Kongo -who is otherwise known as 'Mr. Colourful'-. It would be no surprise then to expect this interior concept would have splashes of colour and vibrancy as part of the decor language. Remember this interior cabin is a special edition and not the regular cabin the average client would normally choose.
  2. The ACJ TwoTwenty benefits from the ACJ DNA: ultimate comfort, intercontinental range, unbeatable economics and pioneering technology. The ACJ TwoTwenty was launched in late 2020 and has already won orders for six aircraft. Comlux will be the first to take delivery of the ACJ TwoTwenty this winter and the first aircraft will enter into service early 2023. Comlux is the exclusive completions partner for the first 15 ACJ Two Twenty aircraft. Cyril Kongo has a strong pioneering spirit which perfectly complements the ACJ's team’s innovative mindset, turning the extra-large biz-jet into a flying contemporary art gallery, thus, offering a never-done-before novel ambiance. The entire signature cabin has been envisioned by the ACJ design team to deliver comfort, connectivity and functionality in one space while Cyril Kongo’s touch brings the cabin design to a next level of emotion. Notably, the main lounge, which will be partly hand painted by Cyril Kongo, combines carefully chosen branded textures and fabrics, crafted to kindle the sumptuous comfort, space and luxury of your own private art gallery.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.