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News: Aerion AS2 Remains On Track For 2023 First Flight

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  1. 2023 First Flight Of Aerion AS2 Still On Track
    Aerion is still reiterating that the first flight of their AS2 supersonic business jet (SSBJ) is on course for sometime in 2023. If they do, they will become the first company to bring a supersonic business to market in modern times. They are not alone as BOOM Technologies are actively working on their prototype as well. The AS2 was thrown back into the spotlight because the senior VP and chief commercial officer Ernie Edwards was in attendance of the Corporate Jet Investor conference in Dubai a few days ago.
  2. Edwards noted that if the Aerion AS2 was in existence he would have arrived in Dubai four hours earlier than when he did. He flew directly from Miami to Dubai and it is precisely these kind of scenarios that business executives love efficient business travel. The AS2 aims to improve upon that with less time in the air with the ability to travel at Mach 1.5 at 'supercruise' or as fast as Mach 1.2 over land without the sonic boom interfering with the ground. Recently, Lockheed Martin announced a partnership with Aerion to help bring the AS2 to market. Also GE Aviation is onboard to provide an existing engine to power the aircraft. Aerion notes the competition to bring a supersonic business jet to market is there but are confident they will be the first to do so. Let's watch how it pans out.

    For more information:

    Aerion Corporation
    5190 Neil Road, Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

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