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News: Aerion Completes WindTunnel Testing Of The AS2

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  1. Aerion AS2 Finishes WindTunnel Testing
    Another milestone has been checked off the list of the current development of the Aerion AS2. The wind tunnel testing has validated the current shape form of the AS2 to be the viable design choice going forward. Over 200,000 data points have been made and assessed while the model 'flew' at low and high speed in the wind tunnel. The testing in the tunnel encompassed and went through the full operational envelope of the future AS2 aircraft. This included slow-speed flight in takeoff and landing phases, subsonic cruise operation and all the way up to a "boomless" supersonic cruise. They also went through dive speed of the aircraft. Many other parameters were also tested during the wind tunnel evaluation such as handling, icing and landing gear work.
  2. For high-speed wind tunnel testing Aerion partnered with the French Office of National Aerospace Research in Modane, France. Stability and control while operating at regular transonic as well as supersonic speeds were assessed and defined. This testing resulted in more than 1,000 cycles. According to Aerion the testing represented 72,000 nm flown. Aerion is looking to start major component manufacturing in 2022 with assembly in 2023.

    For more information:

    Aerion Supersonic
    5190 Neil Rd., Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

Thread Status:
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