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News: Aerion Folds Unexpectedly

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  1. Aerion Aerospace Unexpectedly Ceases Operation
    One of the main forerunners in the race to bring a supersonic business jet to market has dropped out of that race. Effectively, Aerion Aerospace has folded and ceased operations unexpectedly after failing to raise the funds needed to see the AS2 jet through certification and to market. The news is sudden and unexpected after the company broke ground on what would have been its 300 million dollar headquarters facility in Melbourne, Florida.
  2. The company also announced several key partnerships with other notable companies like Collins Aerospace, Spirit AeroSystems, GE and Honeywell. Over the last few years the AS2 by Aerion appeared to be the front running entity in the race to field a supersonic business jet. Other companies pursuing supersonic jets incude BOOM and even NASA with their QueSST X-59. Major orders came in for the AS2 as well with well-noted operators placing their faith in the realization of this jet. From Netjets to Flexjet, significant orders were placed for the AS2. The AS2 was actually the first step in a family of jets Aerion planned to develop into the future. "The Aerion Corporation has assembled a world-class team of employees and partners, and we are very proud of our collective efforts to realize a shared vision of revolutionizing global mobility with sustainable supersonic flight," a statement said. "Since our company’s formation, our team has created disruptive new innovations plus leading-edge technologies and intellectual property."

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.