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News: Aerion Names Spirit Aerosystems As Fuselage Provider On AS2

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  1. AS2 Project Gains Expert Fuselage Manufacturer

    Since the announced partnership between Aerion and Boeing things are starting to move along at a faster pace concerning the AS2 Project. Aerion just announced that they have named Spirit Aero Systems as the provider of the fuselage for the AS2. Spirit Aero Systems provide composite fuselages and forward sections for the Boeing 787 DreamLiner as well as the other in-production Boeing models already and are well placed to provide this service for the AS2 Project.
  2. Spirit Aero Systems, based in Wichita are ready to start preliminary production for the AS2. "Joining a project team this early allows us to apply our technical expertise and commercial best practices to make the most positive impact," Spirit president and CEO Tom Gentile said. "We can create cost-efficient, innovative engineering solutions that take into account Spirit’s highly efficient manufacturing processes." Spirit Aero Systems has extensive experience in composite works and is evidenced in their military contracts. For the AS2 project they are an added asset to the streamlining of work towards flight-testing in 2023. "They are a leader in composite structures and we are excited that they have joined the team", said Aerion CEO Tom Vice.

    For more information:

    Aerion Corporation
    5190 Neil Road, Suite 500
    Reno, NV 89502

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