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News: Aerion Signs MoU with NetJets and FlightSafety International

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  1. NetJets; FlightSafety International Sign MoU With Aerion
    Aerion has been thrust back into the news once again with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with NetJets as well as Flight Safety International. As a result of the signing, the potential value of the backlog for the AS2 has now grown to 10 billion. Under the MoU NetJets would have purchase rights of up to 20 AS2 Mach 1.4 aircraft. FlightSafety International would also work with Aerion to create a supersonic flight training academy for civil, commercial, and military supersonic aircraft and of course it would be Aerion branded.
  2. "This partnership marries Aerion’s innovation and our long-established experience, opening up new opportunities in the supersonic aircraft space and the future of the industry as a whole," said FlightSafety CEO Brad Thress. Once in possession of AS2 aircraft NetJets will become the exclusive operator of Aerion Connect, basically Aerion's idea of seamless point to point travel using multiple modes of transportation in Urban and Rural settings. The AS2 would then form part of this travel system. "We constantly look for ways to be on the cutting-edge, and expanding our fleet to become the exclusive business jet operator for Aerion Connect is a thrilling next step," said NetJets chairman and CEO Adam Johnson. "Together, we will be exploring the integration of the AS2 supersonic business jet into NetJets’ global network."

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Thread Status:
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