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News: Airbus Corporate Jet Boosts Fleet In CIS; Russia

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  1. CIS; Russia ACJ Fleet Boosting
    With the RUBAE 2018 show now over, Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) is revealing that the number of ACJ's operating within the region has grown. While the Russian regional market has seen stagnation over the last couple of years there is vast potential as well as tangible evidence to say movement is starting to happen again. Vast wealth exists in Russia as is evident by the number of billionaires there. Just since 2016, the number of billionaires there (for that period) grew to 29 and overall stands at 100 persons with worth at or above 1 billion USD. The most recent ACJ -an ACJ320- to be delivered was handed over last month to the region, Moscow-based Meridian. "There is a huge wealth in CIS countries, mainly in Russia…Therefore, demand for business jets is there," said Airbus Corporate Jets commercial vice president Chadi Saade.
  2. With more wealth available these customers can afford the larger ACJ offerings, the ACJ330 as well as the ACJ350. If these platforms are chosen then the Harmony Interior which was only unveiled earlier this year in May at the 2018 EBACE is specifically designed for these cabins. The outlook in the coming years for the CIS and the Russian region is for nearly 300 business jet sales and so ACJ is looking to cash in on this synopsis.

    For more information:

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