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News: Airbus Corporate Jets Announce New ACJ319neo Order

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  1. New ACJ319neo Order Rolls In For ACJ
    Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) announced today that it won an order for a single Airbus ACJ319neo from an undisclosed customer. "We are delighted to win another order for the ACJ319neo. Customers will enjoy travelling in the spacious cabin whilst flying intercontinental routes. The ACJ319neo has a robust reliability. Customers will as well benefit from a higher passenger capacity with exceptional comfort and similar operating costs to traditional business jets because of more cost-efficient maintenance, training, and better value," said Benoit Defforge, ACJ President.
  2. With this latest order, the tally for the Airbus ACJ320 family now stands at 16 aircraft from 12 customers. 6 of the orders are for the ACJ319neo. As a reminder, the ACJ319neo is an executive jet version of the commercial A319neo base aircraft. Since it only will carry a handful of passengers onboard the range of the aircraft permits nonstop flying between many city pairs. With the ability to fly eight passengers 6,750 nm/12,500 km or 15 hours, the ACJ319neo will bring much of the world within nonstop range. Deliveries of the ACJ319neo started in 2019 and three are already in operation with three customers.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.