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News: Airbus Corporate Jets First ACJTwoTwenty

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  1. First ACJ TwoTwenty In Build
    While most of the attention is placed on Airbus Corporate Jet's (ACJ) established models, its newest model, the ACJ TwoTwenty has been working its way through construction. The fuselage for the first ACJ TwoTwenty arrived at the assembly factory in Mirabel, Canada. This is less than a year since Airbus Corporate Jets announced the TwoTwenty model. First flight is actually planned for later in the year with an aggressive timetable being followed.
  2. The TwoTwenty is perhaps going to provide flexibility to Airbus Corporate Jets as well as customers in terms of the value for money the aircraft is bringing to the market. The ACJ TwoTwenty offers up to 6 VIP living areas for up to 19 passengers and have a 5,650-nautical mile range. This is all available at a price point under ultra-long-range business jets according to ACJ executives. The first jet should fly towards the end of this year and be placed in completions next year where it will remain until delivery in 2023.

    For more information:

    Airbus S.A.S.
    Worldwide Headquarters
    1, Rond point Maurice Bellonte
    Blagnac Cedex 31707

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.