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News: Airbus Corporate Jets Unveil 'Melody' Interior For ACJ320neo

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  1. Airbus Corporate Jets Unveil 'Melody' Interior For ACJ320neo
    It is 2017 and there is a new concept for the interiors of the Airbus Corporate Jet, specifically the ACJ320neo. Yes companies create whimsical interiors to lure potential customers into seeing what is possible but this new concept called 'Melody' is actually going to be an option for the interior of the ACJ320neo. Bare in mind that the ACJ320neo will be coming onstream in 2018.
  2. The ACJ320neo is based on Airbus commercial variant A320neo which is currently in service. It features many of the fuel-saving facets of the commercial variant such as sharkets and CFM International CFM Leap-1A engines. Of course being a corporate jet, the aircraft also has extra tanks to increase the range of the mission. The ACJ320neo is penned to endure for 7,767 nautical miles with 25 passengers. If you want one you may be looking at forking-out in the region of 95-million dollars.
  3. As usual you will find a full bedroom for the owner in the cabin as well as a large lounge that can double as a conference area as well as a distinct dining region and executive full swiveling seats for your traveling party. The 'Melody' concept of the cabin is pinned on using the natural undulations, flowing and rolling lines of hills and rivers.
  4. For greater freedom of movement, different cabin zones are separated by extra-large openings – which can still be closed off for privacy. Special design touches in the cabin provide a truly unique experience, including cabin walls dotted with an attractive honeycomb pattern that echoes the carbon fiber materials used in the corporate jet’s construction, as well as windows that can be lightened or darkened via fingertip control and plant-based decorative panels. Located in the jet’s forward section is a homely kitchen, as well as lounge area that provides a 65-inch curved television screen – the largest available in an Airbus corporate jet. The conference and dining area – located beyond the lounge in the middle of the cabin – comfortably seats up to six passengers with enough room for productive work and socializing.

    For more information:

    Airbus S.A.S.
    Worldwide Headquarters
    1, Rond point Maurice Bellonte
    Blagnac Cedex 31707

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