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News: Airbus Launches High Performance Wing Demonstrator

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  1. Airbus Launches High Performance Wing Demonstrator
    Airbus has launched a new project which will be investigating technologies that improve and optimize wing aerodynamics and performance for any future aircraft. They will be using a Cessna Citation VII business jet platform in representative flight conditions. The demonstrator is another product that is being boosted by the Airbus 'UpNext' program. This is a wholly-owned Airbus subsidiary that allows for the fast-tracking of new technologies by building demonstrators at speed and scale, in order to quickly evaluate, mature and validate potential new products for future use on new planes.
  2. "Airbus’ extra-performing wing demonstrator is another example of Airbus’ novel technology-oriented solutions to decarbonize the aviation sector," says Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer. "Airbus is continuously investigating parallel and complementary solutions such as infrastructure, flight operations and aircraft structure. With this demonstrator, we will make significant strides in active control technology through research and applied testing of various technologies inspired by biomimicry." It is all part of helping to decarbonize the aviation industry. Studying how high-altitude birds soar helps provide valid information for projects like these. However, this is not the first time Airbus has tinkered with the idea of changing the aspect of wings in flight to create the best efficiency possible. Below is an image from 2019 showing the AlbatrossONE design with freely-flapping wing ends design for efficient flight.

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Thread Status:
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