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News: APMG Performance Upgrade Installed On HondaJet

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  1. Performance Upgrade Installed On HondaJet
    Last year the Honda Aircraft Company revealed that they were going to be offering its customers of the regular HondaJet an option to have a performance upgrade. This was announced at the 2018 edition of the NBAA back in October. It allows for increased performance by modifying certain physical flight surfaces as well as software updates. The Performance Upgrade is called the APMG and is being done by Cutter Aviation.
  2. It involves software updates to the Garmin G3000 that increase general situational awareness and overall safety. Physical modifications include removal of vortex generators from the tail and winglets, extension of the horizontal stabilizer and the removal of the mid-aileron fence These modifications help to improve the performance of the HondaJet. The result allows for a reduction in the runway takeoff length, down by 443-feet to 3,491-feet. The MTOW is increased to 10,700 lbs up from 10,500 lbs. The range also benefited marginally by an increase of 100 nautical miles to 1,437 nautical miles overall.

    For more information:

    Honda Aircraft Company
    Greensboro, NC
    United States of America

Thread Status:
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