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News: Aura Aero Prepares An Electric Regional Transport Aircraft

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  1. Aura Aero Prepares An Electric Regional Transport Aircraft
    Aura Aero is another relatively new company to the scene of electrified aircraft and while what they are seriously proposing isn't an eVTOL it is an electric (or even hybrid) regional transport aircraft. They are developing a 19-seat regional electric aircraft which sits just on the threshold as being a commercial light aircraft. The company with 50 employees will create an electric aircraft development center this year, increasing its workforce to 80 people by December. Its leaders believe that there is a market for electric planes with an hour's endurance for pilot training. Aura Aero plans a first flight of the electric Integral in 2022 and entry into service in 2023 but has not yet chosen between the hybrid or all-electric engine. The company will assemble the batteries suitable for aviation itself by purchasing lithium-ion cells.
  2. As for the regional transport aircraft, as they call it ERA (Electrical Regional Aircraft), this aircraft will be equipped with structural batteries to contain the weight and a fuel-fired turbo-generator producing additional electricity. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 100% on flights of less than 400 kilometers and by 80% to 64% beyond. The young shot is planning a first flight in 2024 and entry into service in 2026, which seems optimistic. This all-terrain aircraft will be able to land on small aerodromes and will be suitable for transporting freight.

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Thread Status:
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