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News: Beta Techologies ALIA Prototype Flies Eight-Leg Flight

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  1. Eight-Leg Flight Completed By ALIA Prototype
    eVTOLs are now starting to push the boundaries of endurance/range. One of them doing this is Beta Technologies eVTOL ALIA which recently flew a whopping 1,219 mile flight with 8 stops in between for recharging. The ALIA demonstrator traversed parts of New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas during the journey. The mission took alot of planning but in reality it succeeded. The demonstrator left from New York’s Plattsburgh International Airport (KPBG) on the 23rd of May. As aforementioned the aircraft made eight stops to recharge. It finally landed in Arkansas, at Bentonville Municipal Airport (KVBT). It is estimated that the total time in the air for the demonstrator was around 11 hours, 44 minutes.
  2. Currently there are two prototypes of the ALIA. One of them is the eVTOL version and the other is a conventional take off and landing prototype. For the purposes of the near 12-hour flight they flew the conventional version seen below. There is an eVTOL version they are currently testing with hover trials underway. Regarding the impressive range feat, "It’s not something that I know has been done previously, and it will be the first time that our aircraft has done it," said Beta flight test engineer Emma Davis in a company video. "So it’s a huge step forward showing that it is a viable future to have an electric aircraft that can travel long ranges, not just short hops", Davis continued.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.