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News: Block 3 Avionics Upgrade Available For Gulfstream G650/ER

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  1. Gulfstream Upgrades G650/ER With Block 3 Avionics Package
    With Gulfstream introducing several new models since the Gulfstream G650, the G650 model will start to become the least-preferred choice for customers in the long-range, large cabin Gulfstream offering. To this end, Gulfstream is reworking the G650 but at this stage on the avionics front. Gulfstream announced that the Honeywell Primus Epic Block 3 upgrade is now available for the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER.
  2. An overview suggests the upgrade includes multiple new and improved features, building upon existing visual, communication, alerting and navigation systems. "Continuous improvement and ongoing enhancements for all Gulfstream aircraft are hallmarks of our ownership experience," said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. "Development teams have prepared and perfected robust upgrades worthy of the award-winning G650 fleet. These enhancements provide operators even more tools that help pilots make informed safety decisions during all phases of flight, with particular emphasis on improving awareness in high-traffic situations and during takeoffs and landings."
  3. Standard Block 3 features include: New advanced graphics modules providing four times the terrain resolution and enhanced gamma-correct color sets. Night Mode charts. New Synthetic Vision System display options and improved graphics on primary flight display (PFD). Communication Management Function (CMF) version 3.1, providing improved performance and alerting options. Localizer Performance (LP) approaches with reduced minima over LNAV approaches where localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) is not available. ADS-B In Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) for airborne or qualified ground operations. More than 1,500 enhancements to the next-generation Flight Management System. Access to the baggage compartment up to 45,000 feet.
  4. Gulfstream did not stop at the standard features of the new upgrades. There are optional features that owners can choose from as well. These features include: Situational Awareness package that includes both 2D and 3D airport moving maps (AMM), ADS-B In Visual Separation on Approach and enhanced Synthetic Vision System symbology. Award-winning Predictive Landing Performance System that includes integration of Honeywell’s Runway Overrun Awareness & Alerting System. Autopilot Coupled Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS). Weather Awareness package that includes an XM Weather update with eight new weather products, plus a predictive weather hazards addition to the Honeywell IntuVue RDR-4000 3D weather radar system.

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