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News: Boeing Unveils Hypersonic Design

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  1. Boeing Unveils Hypersonic Design
    While a couple private companies fight it out in the supersonic commercial/business jet realm, Boeing is taking the race hypersonic. That's right, Boeing announced the intention and released one rendering recently at an aerospace conference in Atlanta. The design proposes a top speed for 4,000 mph flying at 95,000 feet (FL950) and to come on stream in 2030 and onwards. This would cut travel time across the Atlantic to around 2 hours. Boeing isn't solely targeting the commercial market with this craft. It can have applications elsewhere like the military. Boeing will be on hand at this year's Farnborough Air Show in England with the new hypersonic concept next month. The now retired (2003) Concorde flew at around Mach 2 and crossed the Atlantic in about four hours for comparison. Many questions will be asked and how will Boeing make such a craft safe for ordinary untrained humans to travel in on a daily basis.

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    Seattle, WA 98124-2207

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