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News: Boeing's eVTOL NeXt Work Grinds To A Halt

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  1. Boeing NeXt eVTOL Ends For Now
    Boeing's foray into the eVTOL space via formalizing agreements and relationships with eVTOL pioneers like Kitty Hawk seems to be ending. With the airframer under alot of pressure especially on its commercial side of business they seem keen to shed spending on other ventures for the moment. The Boeing NeXt is expected to least for now and this creates an interesting situation for Aurora Flight Sciences and the Wisk Aero ventures as Boeing was a key player. Looking further down the road to even the Aerion AS2, what does this mean for them with Boeing appearing willing to shed some weight. Boeing injected hundreds of millions into Aerion.
  2. "Our goal is to move to a full pause as swiftly as possible," Steve Nordlund, the head of St. Louis-based Boeing NeXt, wrote in an internal letter to his team Tuesday. Citing Covid-19 and other mitigating factors that led to the decision of pausing the program the head of Boeing NeXt hinted that Boeing is more focusing on its core at the present time. "As we now navigate through the impacts of COVID-19, it should come as no surprise that … I have recommended to [Boeing chief engineer] Greg Hyslop, and the entire Executive Council, that we fully pause the current Boeing NeXt mission … to adapt to our new market reality," Nordlund continued.

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    Aurora Flight Sciences/Boeing NeXt
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.